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The Chisel Club

A club for New and Young Masons who are below the rank of Worshipful Master and is fully supported by the Province.

Social Events

We currently hold candidates' social evenings each month in Exeter, Plymouth and Torquay.


The Chisel Club is open to all Freemasons below the rank of Worshipful Master.


Quarterly meetings and social events for members, their families and friends.

Our Meeting Venues

  • George's Meeting Place

  • Kitty O'Hanlons

  • The Green Ginger


Meet some new Freemasons

Why did you become a Freemason?“
I joined Freemasonry to meet new people and grow my circle of friends. I have been a Mason for 2 years now and it has been the best thing I have ever done”.

Are Freemasons expected to give preference to fellow Masons?
“Certainly not. This would be unacceptable and may lead to action being taken against those involved. On joining, each new member states that he expects no material gain from membership”.

What is Freemasonry’s relationship with religion?
“All Freemasons are expected to have a religious belief, but Freemasonry does not seek to replace a Mason’s religion or provide a substitute for it. It deals in a man’s relationship with his fellow man not in a man’s relationship with his God”.

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